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Fun, Adventure and Adrenaline

Experience the unforgettable unique sensation of flying like a bird, with the Flying-Fox challenges (glide from one tree to another by using a pulley) up to 160 m in length from a height of up to 20 m and running from tree to tree. Each circuit has been designed with a gradual difficulty levels for adults and children (from 4 years old), with varying from 2 m to 20 m above the trees. And you can do according to the rhythm and your ability respectively. Along the challenges around the circuit Kopeng Treetop, you will be related to "life-line support" so that your comfort is ensured.


Throughout the entirety of circuit, you will remain attached to a life-line support. Patrol Guide will also be along the circuit and is ready to advise and provide the necessary assistance - providing support from above and below. As a guarantee of the safety of our clients use the equipment European standard (prEN: 15567-1), and trained personnel are ready to escort and assist you, under the supervision of the Technical Advisor from French. Before starting the activity in circuit, each client must follow the safety instructions by our Patrol Guide. The trainer who will explain how to work the circuit, how to use the equipment, and provides all the safety instructions that you must follow at all times.

Environmentally Friendly

All circuit platforms are mounted, using an innovative compression system to protect trees from damage. Half wood protector is used to protect cables from cutting trees and minimize tree trunk decline. Please help us to protect the environment: Do not smoke or throw cigarette butts when you are in our area.

Company Outings

You can go adventure by yourself or group, friends, colleagues and family. You can also organize company outings, team building, promotional events, birthdays, school extracurricular activities and other special events.
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