Kopeng Treetop Penginapan terbaik di Jawa Tengah:

Star Camp

Is an inn that is in Kopeng Treetop by taking the concept of camping but there are facilities such as beds and sleepingbags so that it will remain comfortable and warm for to take a rest. Star Camp can be loaded for 3 people. Other facilities obtained while staying at star camp are Breakfast and get a 50% voucher for Treetop Games.

Family Camp

Is an VIP's inn that is in Kopeng Treetop with a wide tent that can be loaded for 4 people and has quite complete facilities such as Breakfast, BBQ Dinner, Bonfire, Bathroom, Heater, 50% Voucher Treetop games and Free Zorbing games.

Glamping Camp

Is an VVIP's inn that is in Kopeng Treetop and can be called a semi-villa. Having a large private yard with a fish pond it will increase thr aesthetic value.

The facilities inside are very complete start from the large bed, exclusive bathroom inside and also a TV. Other facilities offered for Glam Camp are Breakfast, lunch, coffee break with 2 kind of snacks, coffee, tea and dinner BBQ, bonfire, heater per room, and free entrance all games (Treetop, ATV, Zorbing, Caving and Zip Coaster ).

Glam Camp has 2 types of rooms namely type A can be loaded for 4 people and type B can be loaded for 2 people.